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Hungry? Feeling Tired? Exhausted from a Long Day at Work? Still Want Something Delicious for Dinner but Don't Want to, or Have No Time to Cook?

Here we will share some good old tasty recipes from the International Cuisine that you absolutely will enjoy and impress your friends and guests with! We will post detailed "how-to-make-it-at-home" recipes that are easy to cook and won't take much of your time. Bon Appetit, My Friends!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This salad is a perfect appetizer that is great to serve with everything - from chicken to fish, from soups to main entrées!

preparation time: 15-20 min

- 1 green cabbage 
- 2-3 carrots
- 4-5 scallions
- 4-5 tbsp mayonnaise
- 4 tbsp milk
- 2 tbsp lemon juice
- a pinch of dried parsley flakes
- salt and ground black pepper

1. Cut the cabbage into thin slices. Transfer them to a large bowl.

2. Grate the carrots and add them to the cabbage bowl.

3. Slice the scallions and add them to the cabbage.

4. In a medium bowl add together milk and 4-5 tbsp mayonnaise (depending on the size of the salad you are making). Mix well.


5. Add the lemon juice and the parsley flakes to the mayonnaise. Mix well.

6. Transfer the mayonnaise mixture onto the salad. Mix it all together well.

7. Garnish with salt and ground black pepper. Serve cold. (It is recommended that you refrigerate the salad for at least 1-2 hrs before serving!)

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